...And they deserve everything they get.  Poestenkill folk are really proud of their town.  You can tell by the response that I received.  Wow!  I could have written 5 songs with all of the information.  I love it!!

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Without further adieu, I present your song which is loosely based on Blake Shelton's "The Boys Round Here"


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    Lyrics C 2013 Richie Phillips.  All Rights Reserved
      (but you can steal it if you live in Poestenkill!)
Well the folks round here got everything they want
except for big malls and lots of restaurants
they have an airport and  VFW hall (that's all)?)  no
they have lots oh nice parades
they go swimming in the creek
go  Moxie's for ice cream more than once a week
at the Pine Bowl race to win
Dzembo's has a sale on milk again ?
well the folks round here have an educator of the year
 That principal works- the man won't quit
everybody knows Peter Dewit
Yea they've got nice hills here in Poestenkill
sometimes the kids get red in the face
runnin like the devil in the  Blue Ribbon Race
Yea the folks round here they say it ain't a mystery
This is a fact it's part of their history
Garfield the president ?
he taught penmanship to the local residents
 Hollywood drive in outdoor movies
get your groceries or your car fixed down at bubies
That's their name, I swear it's true
right now I'm getting refaced too
Come one and all
visit the Barbersville falls
The local boy scouts
they all agree
There's nothing more awesome than the  Camp Rotary
and you can surely bank
on seeing an Army Tank
if you've never been here
I'm sure you will
really really love Poestenkill
Wow- we forgot the gym teacher, Mrs Showers
Who does the Jumprope For Heart every year
How about Cub Scout Pack 528
And you can't forget David Basel the Fire Chief!
 Again, thanks to all who contributed!  What town will be next?  Leave your nominations in the comment section below!