Just about everyday for awhile now, I’ll start my day by opening my personal / home email, only to find an email or 5 telling me not to do or eat something.

In the beginning, I actually started to take these things seriously. Don’t buy gas from company “a”. It’s making money for very bad people, who will sneak into our homes and do bad things to us, like steal out hair (Oh-so THAT’S what happened to me). Not to mention the “please forward this email because the more people you send this to, you will receive $1000.00 for each person” email.

Don’t shop at this department store because they get their clothes from a 4th world country that makes unborn children work for 22 cents an hour, for 15 hours a day, and then pay taxes on their income.

And the latest thing I’m supposed to avoid – Do not eat at a certain restaurant because they get their food from somewhere in the world, that’s not too good.

These were only a few of those “don’t do” emails. There were many more. This goes along with my daily joke emails, not to mention my weekly “naughty” emails from a couple of my sick friends. They do make me proud of them.

So when these “don’t do” emails all started, I took them very seriously. I avoided those gas stations that were being run by those bad people. (Oh wait, isn’t it that way anyway?) I didn’t shop at those stores and avoided those eateries. It really started to effect me, and not in a good way. After searching for a gas station that had the email seal of approval, my car ran out of gas. I tired to find an approved store to buy new clothes. No luck. I started wearing pants and shirts with holes in them. This included underwear – I refuse to go “commando”. Don’t worry, the clothes are clean. I checked and the laundry detergent was made in a neighboring state, at a major company. As far as dining out, I started to wonder wear my local grocery stores got their food from. I stopped eating. That didn’t last long.

For the “make me rich” email, I’m still waiting for my “first million”. Would the person who sent that email, please send me the money? After all, I sent your email to people I didn’t even know.