The other day, I wrote a story about a playground that will be built in Albany.


Now there are plans in place for another one, but this one will be a little different than a traditional playground. The region’s first full-size inclusive playground will be built at the Burgess-Kimball Park, in the Town Of Milton. This playground will include playground equipment specifically designed for children with special needs. One of those pieces of equipment include a swing that will hold a wheelchair.

Krystyn LaBate is the president and CEO of the Cortical Malformation And Cephalic Disease Foundation. She's also a resident of the town. She has a two-year-old child that has a brain malformation. Traditional playground equipment is impossible for him to play on. In the story from WNYT, she said that "there is no reason why every community can't have a park where children with special needs can play alongside their typically developing peers."

The plan is to hopefully have the park open this summer.