As I was taking a look at what new high tech devices (or toys) are coming out, I stumbled across a bed. You’re probably thinking the same thing I was. Putting the words “high tech” and “bed” together is some sort of joke.

Well, let me tell you, this is no joke, and it ain't your father's waterbed.

This is more than just having a tv in your bedroom and watching movies until you fall asleep. It’s called a HiCan (High Fidelity Canopy). It’s a bed that’s designed for you to read, entertain yourself and, of course, sleep.

It comes with a theater screen so you can watch tv or movies. The screen pulls down at the foot of the bed. It also has lights, and shades built in for sleeping, integrated person computer system to go online and even a game console.

So the next time someone asks what you want for your birthday or Christmas, tell them that you want a new bed. I’ll bet they aren’t expecting this.

By the way, all it needs is a built in refrigerator and this would be the perfect man cave. Just wondering if someone has this bed, do they get the title of “bed spud” since they can’t be a couch potato with this bed?