Here we go again, folks.  Am not sure who was asleep at the proverbial wheel this time, but I guess there's been another airline incident-this time at JFK in New York.

According to CNN,  "An Air France Airbus 380 clipped a small plane while taxiing to the runway for takeoff from JFK...The tail of Comair Flight 6293, a Delta Connection flight was struck by this aircraft while waiting to park".

It almost sounds like something that would happen in a mall parking lot!   It's bad enough that that air traffic controllers are doing "nappy time" when they should be working.  Now the guys on the ground are sleeping too? 

So take heart, travelers.  The circle of worry is now complete.  You can sweat bullets now about the takeoff (because noone's watching your little "blip" on the screen), the actual flight (because at any time the ceiling of the plane can open up revealing the puffy clouds), and the taxiing on the ground after landing (because a fender bender can happen at any time as well).

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