Pizza Wars is coming fast with WGNA. We're at 2 locations this year from 5-9pm on February 2nd. Proctor's in Schenctady, or the Holiday Inn on Wolf Road. Pick the one that works best for your family on the way home, all the details on Pizza Wars 2012 is here.

Sponsors of this year's event include Denooyer Chevrolet, Sun Drop Soda, Geico and Jackson Hewitt Tax Services.

Last week I told you what toppings I love, and this time around I will share the 5 topping that will send me running on a pizza.

5. Ham

This is for Easter dinner, not pizza.

4. Anchovies

OMG! Enough said.

3. Bacon

Breakfast meats do not belong on pizza.

2. Onions

I can't handle onions on a pizza. It's  just a "me" thing.

1. Hot Peppers

I love them on a sub, or a salad but they make my stomach jump when they're on a pizza.

If you like any of the toppings that I really don't, that's fine. We're a democracy after all. I'll see you at Pizza Wars on February 2nd.