In a pizza shop in Upper Darby, Pa., near Philadelphia, a pizza owner is claiming that he has a mouse problem, because of his competitors putting mice in his shop and trying to ruin his business. It actually was the other way around.

He put the mice in their shops. He put a bag with mice into a garbage can inside one pizza shop and in another shop; he’d go into the bathroom and put a bag with mice into the dropped ceiling where a couple of police officers happened to be eating lunch.

The owner turned the bag over to them. They followed up by taking the mouse delivery guy into custody, and is being charged with disorderly conduct, harassment and animal cruelty.

In a story from A.P., according to police Superintendent Michael Chitwood, "We have never had anything like this where mice have been used as an instrument of crime. This is food terrorism by mice." This is a very rare situation.

Even though this is kind of a gross story, I still love pizza and will still go out to get pizza. We have some of the best pizza places in the Capital Region.  Doesn’t this make you very grateful for the board of health?