Thank you, Harvey, from the Altamont Manor for sending this.  Just a bunch of people creating objects on stage using their silhouettes. Big deal right? Well stop what you're doing.  This will blow your mind.

I maybe wrong, but I think I've seen something like this on America's Got Talent.  Do you remember going up to the movie screen in the classroom after the teacher walks out and making a bird with your hands on the screen with your hands on the screen using silhouettes?  Well this is nothing like that!  LOL.

If you can figure out who choreographed this and how many decades they must've taken to practice this, I would certainly like to know. Here's the Pilobolus Dance Theatre's "Shadowland"  video via YouTube

Oh, that's right.  The group from America's Got Talent was called the Silhouettes.  Duh!.  Here they are.  Compare and contrast.  Discuss!