It seems that someone is paying for things using counterfeit $100 dollar bills, in Troy.

In a story from WTEN, Troy Police have collected some of the fake money from businesses like CVS, Stewart's, Dunkin Donuts, gas and grocery stores in Troy.

These counterfeit bills are made very well, and apparently they're so good, it's very difficult to tell that they're fake. There's a magnetic strip on the bills that do not not match the denomination of the bill. Also the president's image  is not matching the correct bill when held up to the light.

You know it's bad when the secret service and the F.B.I. need to be brought in. Troy Police want to make sure that people and vendors do not become victims of the fake bills. If you, or anyone that you know has any information about the not so funny money, give the Troy Police a call at (518) 270-4426.

Have you ever been a victim of counterfeit money, and what did you do to recoup your losses?