Can't wait for tomorrow morning!  Piano playin' writer/performer Phil Vassar is scheduled to drop in to our show.  Time to bring the second keyboard out of the WGNA store room.  Will you be tuning in?

We go back a long time with Phil.  He was the star attraction at Countryfest in 2001, and I have proof! This poster is hanging on the wall here at the radio ranch!

We've also had a blast with him on the air in the past. I present one of my favorite things I've ever had the great fortune to do on the show - play Billy Joel's" Piano Man" with country music's "Piano Man"
Phil Vassar Richie Phillips Piano Man by WGNA-FM


OK, I better stop.  This might be misconstrued as a "man crush".  I do think he's so underrated as both composer and performer.  If you want to hear him again, tune in tomorrow morning on the air or on line. And if you would like to see him in person and eat great barbeque at the same time?  Then come join our Taste Of Country BBQ Nationals Championship.  He'll be performing there.

It's going to be a great time!  Don't miss the show!