You know this guy, right?  He's the guy with the funky hat.  He's Pharrell - singer, rapper,  songwriter, record producer, and fashion designer.  I just thought this was interesting.  His home is for sale

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Why did I put this article up?  Because I'm just astounded by the amount of "stupid money" that celebrities make. Then again, Pharrell, according to Wikipedia is a singer, songwriter, record producer and fashion designer, so he works his butt off, and this is America --so why not?  Regardless, he is selling his penthouse in Miami.

According to

It has 15,000 square feet of indoor-outdoor space and a private pool, all with bay, ocean and Key Biscayne views, it’s not surprising the ask is $10.999 million.

       Wouldn't you LOVE watching Netflix in this room? (actually, I think he can afford cable

  And this is a PENTHOUSE APARTMENT .  I'd love to send you shots of MY first apartment on South Lake Avenue in Albany.  (On second thought…)

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