Every Thursday around 7:50am the Sean and Richie Show presents Steve Caporizzo's Pet Connection.  This week Tammy and Annie need a home!

Tammy, a white and black 10 year old female who was just given up my her owner who could no longer take care of her.  She is looking out of my vehicle trying to figure out where she is going.  Tammy has some arthritis in a rear leg and hip, and two toes missing from foot on the other side.  She is good with cats and other dogs, housebroken, and just a love.  She spends a lot of time UNDERNEATH her blankets on a dog bed, completely covered, even her head.  She apparently has lived years with this habit.  She likes people and is not fearful, she just likes to burrow under covers. Because of her age, Tammy is considered a special needs girl, and needs someone home a lot.  She needs a fenced yard to wander around outside.  She is in foster home with two other greyhounds.

Annie, a white and brindle female who is ELEVEN years old.  She just lost her home of several years as her owner was no longer able to care for her.  Its not a good picture, but the only one I have.... Annie is in a foster home with a male greyhound, and gets around just fine.  She is housebroken.  She loves being close to her foster mom, running around the fenced yard with her greyhound buddy, and, she is cat safe.  She has been checked out by a vet and found to be in good health.  Annie is a special need girl because of her age, and needs a home with a fenced yard for exercise and someone who is home a lot.

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