Public Policy Polling took a national poll to find out the popularity of Congress and discovered (surprise!) that 85% of people view Congress negatively.  Since the average person doesn’t really understand what the percentages mean in the favorability ratings, this poll decided to rate the popularity of Congress against common things we can all relate to – here’s what they found out:

Hair lice is more popular than Congress.

People seem to like Nickelback more than they like Congress, and there aren’t too many people who like Nickelback.

Looking forward to your next colonoscopy or root canal?  Of course not, but the poll results show both colonoscopies and root canals are more popular than Congress.

Most of the people in this poll would prefer to be stuck in a traffic jam than being stuck with our current Congress.

Wondering what Congress may beat in terms of popularity?  People like Congress more than Lindsey Lohan and telemarketers.  It also seems that Congress is preferred over playground bullies, communism and meth labs and the Kardashians.

View the full results of the Public Policy Poll here.