I guess I'm about to find out.  There's a great program happening at the Maple Avenue School in Saratoga.

It's called PBIS Day - Positive Behavior In Schools Day, and it's a school-wide day with guest speakers (including your's truly).  I hope to write a song with two big groups.  The first group will write the first verse and chorous.  The second group will finish the song, and with some cool software, I will edit it all together and present it on the Sean and Richie show on a future show.  Hopefully we can create a jingle that advertises what this great school is doing to fight bullying and encourage positive behavior.

academy for character ed website


I also wanted to mention that there are many resources available if you'd like to stop bullying in your community.  All you have to do is go to the website of the Academy For Character Education at the Sage Colleges.  Among other things, you can see all of the counties that have signed on with proclamations to stop bullying in their communities.  Very impressive.