You just HAVE to listen to these first graders from Ms. Pink's class at Jefferson Elementary as they say the Pledge Of Allegiance on the Sean and Richie (and Bethany) Show. Very cute, yet very professional! 

Are you aware that we feature elementary kids from the Reading Writing and Rhyming Tour saying the Pledge of Allegiance every weekday morning at 6 a.m. on the Sean and Richie show? Set your alarms and take a listen some morning. You'll love 'em.

Here is the whole group. Ms. Pink picked nine of them to record, yet I'm sure that they all would have been awesome had we had the time.

Below, the picture you can click on any/all of the audio players.  Enjoy! (the mp3 version if for those who have iPhones and iPads)

photo by Jamie Pink

Nice job, kids!  Hopefully, when I come to your child'sschool, we'll have a chance to make yours a star as well!