Usually there a few moments when I watch the major country awards shows and find myself wondering how they came up with the decisions they made. There weren't any real shockers at the ACM Awards last night. However, I was happy that they made the right choices for male and female vocalist of the year.These awards are about the quality of the voices and how great voices connect listeners to great songs. Blake Shelton deserved the award he won for Male Vocalist of the Year. He is selling albums, packing concerts and racking up #1 hits. When we saw him headline 1077 'GNA's Countryfest 2010, that voice could not be denied. The huge crowd bought into the entire package and he made a mark in Albany that will never be forgotten.

The same goes for Miranda Lambert. She packed 1077 'GNA's Countryfest 2011, and her voice is custom-tailored for the hits she keeps putting out. Sassy most of time, but totally capable of slowing it down when she needs to get warm. Albany loves Miranda Lambert, and I think a lot of us were pulling for her to win that award. The fact that these two are married really has nothing to do with their professional accomplishments. Those awards are about "the voices" and we here in Albany have heard them both in person- I don't think there are a lot of arguments to be had over this one.