A church in Albany, which is listed on the National Registry Of Historic Buildings, suffered some structural damage yesterday.

Church Of Holy Innocence (Google Street View)

It was a partial collapse of the Church Of Holy Innocence at 275 North Pearl Street. The Albany Fire Department received a call about the collapse around 12:30 p.m. The Albany Fire Department and Albany Police Department responded to the building where they found that the back, southwest corner and adjacent roof of the structure had collapsed. According to a press release sent out by

The City Of Albany is securing the area around the church with a temporary fence. They are also removing on-street parking, as well as closing off traffic on the church side of North Pearl Street to protect people in case the front of the building collapses.

The church, which has been vacant for awhile, is owned by Hope House, Incorporated, which is a residential recovery program, located at 261 North Pearl Street. The City is also delivering a ‘notice and order’ to Hope House officials that will require a plan to get the building stabilized within 24 hours.

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan said “that it is important that Hope House does everything possible to preserve this church, which has been recognized nationally as a historic treasure.