This video of parents putting a child into a laundromat washing machine was brought to my attention today and before I say anything I should warn you , it is horrific emotionally to watch.

At first my reaction was the same as I think anyone would feel, "Why isn't there a license for parenting!" Shouldn't we be forced to take some basic classes or something, or at least pass a "road test" every once in a while. There are just so many innocent children out there giving unconditional love to parents who don't deserve or cherish it.

That was my first reaction, then I just felt sympathy for these people. I know maybe I'm crazy but I feel like this was a "joke" the Father was playing. Maybe the kids was climbing up on the machines or yelling "I wanna ride the washer."  Maybe he was playing "hide and seek" and was then going to mess with his wife by asking where the kid went. I don;t know. What is clear to me is that the father clearly did not realize that the washer would start, let alone lock.

Then at the end, when they get the door open they grab the kid and run, well then I think at first I thought they were too stupid to realize the danger of what they did but no, clearly they are smart enough to know how wrong it was because they did not want to stick around for the authorities to arrive. Shameful.

The good news is the kid only suffered minor injuries and is OK. So with that said, here is the video, tell my how you react to it.