Parenting is hard work! SO many decisions to be made, so many responsibilities. It's really a wonder how any of us get through it without some sort of formal training. We do our best though, and fortunately our best is usually pretty darn good. Usually.There are those who just shouldn't have been allowed to breed, perhaps this guy is one of them.

YouTube Image, High Speed Chase

Alexander Webster of Lake Worth, Florida was driving along with his 6 year old son in the back seat. As fate would have it, Alexander blew through a stop sign win full view of a cop. Clearly, the cop got behind him and tried to pull him over. Alexander however did not want to get pulled over because his was driving with a suspended licence. What to do? What to do? Swift thinking as he is Alexander decided to outrun the cop WITH his 6 year old in the back seat. Everything was going as planned until he eventually lost control of the car and crashed. Alexander is now charged with fleeing from an officer and child neglect. Why wasn't he charged with driving under a suspended license? Because he wasn't, when the officer ran his name in the computer it came up clean. Einstein.