Papa John's Pizza stores are celebrating the Yankee's win last night!! Here is a deal my wife found while scouring the internet for coupons.

Even though I'm married to the Coupon Lady I'm not huge on finding "deals". There are some though that kind of stand out in my mind and I guess those are sports related. I do love the Yankees and maybe you already knew about this but I thought it was a cool way to celebrate one or two of the many Yankees' wins this year.

Apparently, every time the Yankee's win a game scoring 6 runs or more, Papa John's offers 50% off you on line order the following day! ALL SEASON LONG! How cool is that!

And guess what? Last night the Yankee's beat the Tigers 12-8!! YES 50% off pizza!!

Here is how to get your deal, order on line and use the code: YANKEES6 at checkout to get your discount!

Even if you're not a Yankee fan, 50% off pizza is a good deal! If you're not a Papa John's fan, maybe you can ask other shops if they will meat or beat the deal!