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20/20 To Air Special Report On Thailand Cave Rescue
It's the incrediblly gripping story of the Thailand cave rescue that has many of us on the edge of seats as details unfolded about the dangerous and heroic recue of the Thai youth soccer team and it's coach.  One by one as the players were rescued,  euphoria set it.  However, many questions arose ab…
Free Ice Cream as part of Bike Helmet Program
Kids in Saratoga County who wear their helmets when riding their bikes may get a 'ticket' as part of the Safe Summer Bike Helmet Program. On June 26th, Senator Jim Tedisco kicked off the 21st annual program which would give kids free ice cream tickets if they are spotted wearing a helmet …
Lake George Marine Patrol To Be Armed For First Time In 50 Years
If you're headed up to Lake George anytime soon, you may or may not notice some of the changes to the men and women who make up the Lake George Marine Patrol. For the first time in 50 years, they'll be carrying pistols in an attempt to better secure the safety of those enoying the lake as …
Amazon Prime Day & What You Need To Know
Amazon Prime Day is just a week away and they say this one is going to be better than ever. I did a little digging and found out how you can take advantage of the amazing deals that will happen starting July 16th.
Carrie Underwood’s Skin Secret Is In Your Kitchen
Carrie Underwood is one of the most beautiful people in country music, both inside and out. Many of us try to workout to get her incredible legs. Others try to replicate her makeup. Well if you are looking to have her smooth skin, Carrie's secret is probably in your kitchen.
A Piece Of Me Died When I Heard The News About Grandma’s Pies
When I was a kid; Thanksgivings, birthdays, and family get togethers weren't complete unless there was a pie from Grandma's Pie and Restaurant. The homestyle spot with decor straight out of granny's living room had been a staple on Central Ave for years.  It was always sort of assumed that somehow, …

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