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Getting My Steps In At Disney
Even though I will be on vacation, I will be getting a ton of exercise in. We always try to keep track of how much we walk when we visit Disney. We will do the same this trip too.
Food Fight!
The morning show likes to start fights over food and you like to get in on it.
Jess Asks…
very day Jess asks a question and you answer. Want to have some fun going through prior questions of the day? Want some conversation starter to have some fun with friends? Check them out here
Protect Your Packages From Porch Bandits
We are planning to be away for about a week during the holiday package rush. We will heed the warnings so the porch bandits don't steal our gifts. Officials are urging you to do the same.
FDA Dog Treat Warning
We all try to protect our furry friends and sometimes it's good to be reminded of the things that can be harmful to our dogs. The FDA has issued a few reminders and treats to avoid.
NASCAR Legend And Decorated Veteran Passes Away
Sad news to report today as the racing community mourns the loss of one it's biggest and most decorated stars. Walter “Bud” Moore Jr., a decorated member of America’s “Greatest Generation” who went on to win NASCAR champion…

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