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Group Tells NYS Fairs To Stop Selling ‘Racist’ Merchandise
State and county fairs are a big deal around the Capital Region and continue to be a lightning rod of sorts.  Most recently, a group is calling for all 52 county fairs across New York state to stop the sale and display of a symbol they say represents 'slavery, racism and hate.'  …
Where You Can Get Free Food During August [LIST]
Food is the best. Yes, it's necessary to live but I just love food and I especially love free food. I found a list that breaks down everywhere you can get free food this month, mark these dates off on your calendar.
Job Fair At Crossgates
If you are searching for work, you are in luck. There is a job fair happening this week at Crossgates Mall.
Virus Spreading As Kids Get Ready To Head Back To School
There is a contagious virus that is making its way up the east coast and has now landed in New York. It typically affects children although some adult cases have been documented. Here's what to look for and protect your kids from so they don't come down with it when school starts.
Local Man Hiding Free Money All Over the Capital Region
When someone says free money, you think it's usually a scam or the title is clickbait. In this case, it's 100% not a scam and you read that right. Thanks to one man, there are actual bills hidden all around the Capital Region, you just have to find them!

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