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Top Kids 2016 Halloween Costumes
“What do you want to be for Halloween?”   That’s already a question I hear in my house.
I know, you have to get a jump on these things, but already?  We haven’t even been apple picking yet?
Well, I guess when in Rome…..S…
Saratoga Springs is Mourning the Loss of a Favorite Teacher
Anthony P. Bellai a popular coach and physical education teacher who was just 51 passed away over the weekend, and now students and staff, along with Bellai's family, are mourning the loss.
Mr. Bellai was the head of the physical education department at Saratoga Springs High School, a wrestling, cros…
What Are You Going to do With Those Apples You Picked?
It's an honest question - what ARE you going to do with all of those apples?
It's definitely a good time hitting the orchards and finding just the perfect one to pluck from the trees. Putting them into your bag and finding the next and then the next. By the time you get home you're overwhelmed and wo…
Precautionary Lockout Lifted At South Colonie Schools – Update
A precautionary lockout was in effect this morning at schools in the South Colonie School District.
Police notified school officials that there was a report of man carrying a machete on Sand Creek Road.
As a precaution, the schools in the South Colonie School District went into lockout protocol as the…

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