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Colonie Teacher Physically Forced Student to Stand for Pledge
I went to Catholic school growing up so we'd start every morning with a prayer and the pledge. According to a mother, a North Colonie student was required by force to stand against their religious beliefs and the situation was not handled appropriately.
Dannemora Escapee Moved To Attica Super Max Prison
David Sweat, one of two prisoners who broke out of Clinton Correctional Facility in 2015, has been moved to Attica Correctional Facility. It is not exactly known why he was moved from a 'maximum' to one with 'super maximum' security measures, but it's not uncommon for prison…
Best Albany Cheap Eats [LIST]
Albany, the capital of New York, we have a ton of places to choose from to eat but sometimes you just want something quick, cheap, and delicious.

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