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Can Anybody Do Simple Math Anymore? (AUDIO)
The other day I was in a local mall buying some clothes and my total came to something like $48.18.  The girl behind the register was maybe 30 years old.  I handed her a $100 bill and after she scanned it to make sure if it wasn't a fake, she paused.  After about 30 seconds, panic set in as she real…
Most Unusual New York State Museums to Visit [LIST]
When I visit a new place, I like to see the different, the unusual, off-the-beaten path type of sights. Even if I'm just going on a day trip not too far away, you'll find me at one of these museums before one of the more common ones.
Dad Bod vs Fit Bod: The Results Are In!
It's a fact, women prefer the dad-bod over 6 pack-abs and it's a pretty good day because of it.  Two-thirds of women say that they prefer a little flab covering them abs. And on behalf of all of the men out like me who are not afraid to admit it, thank you...
My Dad Is Getting A Toaster That Toasts His Face On Bread
My father, aka Papa Codes, will never see this so it's totally fine that I'm blogging it.  He doesn't use social media - seriously the man has never even turned on a computer! I saw this awesome idea on and had to share it with you as a last minute gift idea for Father's Day or any day.  …

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