Number 1 with a bullet!  That's what they used to call a song that's going to the top of the Country charts.  A real toe tapper.Yeeeeeeehawwww!

BJ, our traffic expert was challenged by WGNA morning co-host Sean McMaster after he (BJ) wrote a scathing comment on Facebook, mentioning that Country music was much easier to write than other genres.   ("3 chords and the Truth" , BJ???   I think not)

We beg to disagree!  I for one can tell you that trying to parody a slow Country song takes me the longest time.  Trying to get your point across when you only have so many words to rewrite makes you realize how difficult it is to create the original song in the first place!

But good old BJ took it upon himself to give it a shot.  We went into the "wacky room" at WGNA where all the crazy songs get built, and laid some tracks down (that's music talk).   Then he came in and sang, and I must say--he should now be nicknamed "One Take Jake"  (whoops, sorry--I guess the name "Jake" has been already taken here at the radio ranch--gotta think of something else)

Be that as it may, I am including the song here again in case you missed it on the Sean and Richie Show.     I felt a reincarnation of "The Man In Black" when I heard him singing this.

Many kudos to BJ!   I'm sure we'll be taking applications for traffic guy soon, cuz this guy's on his way to join the traffic down on Music Row in Nash-vegas!!!