I always find that when a celebrity dies it amazes me how sad I can be about losing someone who I have never met. I think we all feel a connection to some celebrities that may not be easy to explain but we can understand what the loss of their art means to the world.

What I am having a hard time with today is mourning with a celebrity that I love.

How do you tell someone that through his art he has helped you through hard times and know that you can't return that emotional aid.  How can you express your grief for another when you never see or talk to them? These are questions I know a lot of Craig Morgan's fans are asking themselves today.

How do you express how much you empathize with a celebrity like Craig Morgan who just lost his son in a horrible accident?  How can you express how sorry you are that Craig , his wife Karen and the entire family have to live through this tragedy

The truth is nothing, nothing but try to send positive thoughts of love and support their way.

As a father of three boys I could not even imagine the pain and grief that goes with losing a child. I also know that the mourning process is personal and only for family and close relatives to go through. I also know that each and every one of us who have been touched by Craig and his music would love for him to know how much we care. How we all pray that his family heals and finds their way through this dark time through love and family.

I know I speak for many when I say we wish we could take some of the pain away and we do all love you, even if from too far away.

God Bless.