We at the time of this writing are having our downstairs rooms repainted. (My wife got a referral for a panter from people down the street).  He's doing a great job as we speak.  But that's not his only talent apparently

His name is Rob Calaro of RPC Painting.  (no, I'm not getting a kickback or free  services for this plug). He's extremely competent and very reliable and the place looks great  But if that wasn't enough, it was what he showed me on his phone that knocked me off of my kitchen chair .  He told me rather modestly with roller in hand  that he "messes around with video" on the side.

I don't know about you, but whenever someone describes themself in that way, I'm almost always positive that I'm going to be blown away.  Theory confirmed.  Take a look at this

Amazing.  And it's all HIM!  "How did he do that?", you might ask.  Well hopefully he will give me lessons so I can try my hand at this someday, although I don't know if the public can stand 4 of me no less one of me.

Congrats, Rob for a job well done. I see a Spielberg in the making here .  Now if we can just stop talking about video editing when he's here so Dorrie can have her kitchen back, that would be great!