Here is the daily dilemma for Thursday, February 9, 2012.  It's quite...interesting, let's say.

"I've been dating a guy for about a month.  Over the weekend, we finally 'hooked up.'  I was excited.  I've liked this guy for a long time.  However, things got a little weird.  During, 'the hooking up,' he was talking very graphically.  It was kind of hot, but unexpected and I was caught off guard.  I liked it, don't get me wrong, but have always thought most people work up to being that comfortable with one another.  The question is, how much 'graphic talk' is too much and was this a little too early?"

Is it better when things, even in general, are more reserved early on and you work up to getting to know someone later on and get more comfortable?  What do you think? Give us your thoughts by commenting at the bottom of the page.

Let's hear what the callers had to say about this one, they even handle the delicate dilemmas well.