This is not something you do every day.  In fact this is something I'll probably never ever do again, but we celebrated our 25th anniversary in a big way and i wanted to share these photos.  I can honestly say it was the most amazing thing I've ever taken pictures of-The Parthenon!

in case the name Acropolis doesn't ring a bell, it's actually Greek for "City on a Hill" .  It's in Athens, Greece.  There was a 130 step walk that we had to take to get there. And at the top?  The Parthenon-built as a temple to the Goddess Athena.  They made it sound like it was going to be a strenuous trek, but there was nothing to it.  And if it was 300 steps, it wouldn't have mattered, as we were so excited to see this.  So Dorrie, our friends George and Linda Dickie and yours truly began the "great shlep" up the hill.

I took my little compact camera and let it run as we walked  to give you an idea of what it was like.  It BARELY does it justice, but I wanted to share this nonetheless.


Here's a panorama for you 

photo by Richie Phillips

The above shot is the whole city of Athens.  Better keep your shades down at nite here!


And finally  a shot of the Parthenon.  Still working on it!  Wow-you think they would have finished it by now!


So there you have it-  a quick bit of history.  I can't even explain what it was like to see it.  I only wish that kids could see it as they were learning about it!    Thanks for clicking on this!