So now that it's the final season for Oprah Winfrey's television talk show, and she's started her OWN network, I find it a little strange that all of a sudden this half sister appears. All I can think of is those stories you hear about when people who all of a sudden have a long lost relative after they come into a windfall, like winning the lottery. 50 years, and al of sudden this woman comes into Oprah's life.

I know Oprah's a very smart woman, and I'm sure that she's done a background check, and was very cautious about this situation, but even with the best technology to check everything out, a sly person could probably get under the radar.

The other school of thought is on Oprah's side. She no longer has her talk show, but has started a network. Bingo-Here comes the little half sister. It has created plenty of  publicity in the news, tabloids and even water cooler conversation. (Hey, I'm even blogging about it) Tons of publicity and word of mouth to make everyone aware of the new network, and to let you know that Oprah's still around. If this is the case, you have to admit, it's a pretty sharp marketing technique. After all, Oprah didn't get where she is by being stupid.