Maybe this is TMI, but I've become a big fan of pajamas again.  Sometimes people (especially teens recently home from college) can be rough on you for wearing them.  I'm talking about tops AND bottoms.   To just wear pajama bottoms with a colored Tshirt?   Not the same thing.   I want the full set!  

Pajamas!! It's a plural word!  2 pieces. Period!
But that might not be the case anymore.- because now they have the ONESIE for men! says:
 In a news story that sounds more Wayne's World than our world, two Wisconsin men have developed and are selling the "adult onesie." The fleece, footless onesie, is said to be an evolutionary leapfrog of the Snuggie, the one-piece blanket that you wear.
Their "Forever Lazy" onesie features such technological advances as large pockets and other storage spaces that allow the laziest of couch potatoes to bring everything they need—beer, chips, whatever—to the couch in a single efficient trip. Fergie and the Black-Eyed Peas are reported to be customers.
I think we should market the Sean And Richie Show ONE-OH-SEVEN SEVEN-SIE  PJs.   (I know-dumb idea!  I need more sleep.  I'm writing this at 6am on the morning show.)   I should be home, under the covers---in a ONESIE!!!!