Almost everyone takes pictures for one reason or another. Maybe it’s a gathering of friends at a party, family at a wedding, on vacation or the kids growing up. Some people have pursued it as a hobby and take pictures of flowers, fruit or almost any subject with a meaning for them. Imagine taking just one picture per day for almost your whole life? A New York photographer did that for 18 years. Jamie Livingston started in 1997 by taking a picture of his girlfriend. He took one picture every day until he died from cancer on his 41st birthday, in 1997.

Livingston got a Polaroid camera when he was a senior in college. He noticed that he was taking about one picture a day and decided to make a daily ritual. According to a story in the Daily Mail, “the collection charts his life from the age of 23, the relationships that came and went and the friends that stayed with him from college to work to his wedding and finally to his last days as he lost his battle with melanoma.”

Talk about disciplined, Mr. Livingston would stick to his one-a-day picture rule, and not take another one, even if a better subject came along. You can actually see his life’s work at

This could be a time capsule of your life. With the digital age, it wouldn’t be difficult to actually do this and then save the pictures on your computer. Do you think this a great way to document your life?