The weekend is upon us and maybe you’re thinking about what’s for dinner, tonight.

Perhaps something that’s quick and easy to make, to wrap up your work week.

All week long, we’ve been giving you some delicious and inspirational ideas and recipes, thanks to our friends at Knorr.

Plus, with the daily recipe, we’ve been giving away $50 dollar Price Chopper gift cards so you can use them to get your dinners from Knorr. Here’s the daily recipeKnorr shrimp and queso rice. That’s what you’ll need to know when you hear me ring the dinner bell in the 5:00 p.m.hour on 1-0-7-7 WGNA. If you’re caller seven at 518-476-1077, you’ll win a $50 dollar Price Chopper gift card. Bon appétit.