It’s official!! Fantasy sports gaming sites have returned to New York!

It’s been a long battle, but New Yorker's can now once again legally use fantasy sports betting sites.  Five betting sites total have been cleared to operate in New York including FanDuel and DraftKings. The New York State Gaming Commission issued temporary permits to the sites on Monday, allowing them to begin offering services in New York.

Rich Schultz, Getty Images

The timing could not have been better with the start of the NFL season upon us.  Now, each week, you can draft your own fantasy football team in contests that range in entry fees, some are even free to enter!  I really had fun with FanDuel and DrakfKings so I am really excited to once again play.  These sites expand beyond football games.  Members can compete in sports like Golf, basketball and even NASCAR races.

As part of the legislation signed legalizing the gaming sites, NY expects to see $4 million in tax revenues.