When I was a kid this was commonplace and you didn't have to tell people to do it.

Senior citizens are more vulnerable to the heat than any of us. Many that still live in their homes, or their own apartments are on tight fixed incomes and lack proper air conditioning or fans to stay safe when hot weather hits. When I was a kid we had many elderly neighbors around our home in Fort Ann, New York and my mom would give me a list of them to go check on when it got hot. I remember bringing them down to our house if it was too hot in their house and helping mom keep an eye on them until night came and things cooled down a little.

I know some friends today who have lived next door to the same people for over 10 years and don't even know who their neighbors are. Unfortunately this is more common than many people will admit.  All I will say is if you help an elderly person out with something as basic as staying cool on a day like today they will really appreciate it. You'll sleep better too.