Remember the term for this?    Triskaidekaphobia.  Fear of the number 13 and anything related to it.  Floors of a building, birthdays that fall on this date.  The list goes on forever.  Well now we have a YEAR that ends in it!  

There are many sports stars who refuse to put a "13" on their shirts.  There IS no 13th floor in many, many buildings.

And according to, this is also true:

The Brits burned Buffalo, NY, in 1613. Napoleon invaded Europe in 1813. And the 16th amendment gave us federal income tax in 1913.

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It's gotta make you wonder, does this place a curse on the New Year?  Do you believe in this superstition?  Will it make you think about it with each bad event that happens this year? (and hopefully there won't be anywhere NEAR as many as the past one!)

Would love to know.  Leave your comments below.  Make you comments brief, and for god sakes,make sure your word count doesn't end in 13 .................. AHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!)