I thought for sure the oldest New York bar would reside in New York City. It turns out it's a little north of the city and has a lot of history.

Credit: Facebook/Old 76 House

According to Thrillist, the Old '76 House on Main Street in Tappan is the oldest bar in the state of New York. Established in 1755 (200 some odd years before light beer!), the bar has often been mistaken for a prison, was a safe house for Revolutionary War soldiers hiding from the British  and frequently served meals to George Washington.

I love going to places like Washington DC to experience our country's history. But wouldn't it be cool to go to the place our 1st President use to eat? It would be a little like walking in their shoes for a bit, soaking in the same atmosphere he did all those years ago. Kind of puts a different spin on history.