A woman from Oklahoma has come forward claiming her uncle was the infamous D.B. Cooper.  The FBI has been seeking the identity of the plane hijacker for the last 40-years.  This new lead could finally put to rest the many unanswered questions about the unsolved case.

The man known as "D.B. Cooper" bought a ticket for Northwest Orient Flight 305.  He successfully hijacked the plane on November 24th, 1971 and also succeeded in getting $200,000 in ransom money from authorities.  Cooper then requested he be flown to Mexico City, but jumped out of the plane somewhere between Seattle, Washington and Reno, Nevada, with a parachute.  Some of the marked money has been found in numerous locations over the years, but there has been no sign of Cooper.  Authorities never have been able to confirm that he survived the jump either.

Marla Cooper, the self-claimed neice of D.B. Cooper has now come forward saying she recalls her two uncles talking about their plot to carry out their scheme.  She remembers being at her grandmother's home around Thanksgiving when she was 8-years old.  

"He and my other uncle came back very early on Thanksgiving morning and my Uncle L.D. was wounded," she said. "He had blood on his shirt.  He was banged up.  He was in really bad shape."  Apparently, upon their return, they claimed to have been in a bad car accident.  However, they also boosted that all their money problems were fixed.

She does not recall seeing her uncle after Christmas of 1972.  Ms. Cooper said she didn't even see Uncle L.D. at her grandmother's funeral in 1975.  She does, however, recall her father swearing her to secrecy.  He mentioned "death" if anything was ever spoken about what she had heard and to never speak of anything. 

The FBI has not commented on Marla Cooper's claim.  However, a J.C. Penney tie worn by D.B. Cooper that was taken off before he jumped was recovered with DNA on it.  Ms. Cooper has provided a guitar strap her uncle use to wear.  It is possible DNA tests will be used to rule out the possibility her story is true or, possibly support her statement.

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