I think most of us who listen to country music know who Ronnie Dunn is. He is the Dunn of the duo Brooks and Dunn who recently went solo and has had a pair of hits with "Bleed Red" and "Cost Of Livin'".

Brooks and Dunn had been together since the early 90's so by that time you think most everybody would know the difference between the two. Ronnie is the red head with the beard. Kix Brooks is the guy who wore the cowboy hat. Apparently the Oklahoma newspaper, Tulsa World, didn't get the memo.

Ronnie Dunn posted this picture on his facebook today with the caption:  

This article ran in the Tulsa World this morning announcing that I was playing there in February. Check it out closely. I tell ya, this solo thing is brutal ! Hahaha !

 All I can say is OOPS!!!  Funny thing is that Ronnie spent alot of his time in the Tulsa area in the early days of his music career. That's gotta sting a bit!