Why?  Will you tell me why I end up watching the very thing I'm so silently critical of - mindless reality shows?  Does this happen to you?  What IS IT about these shows that you can't turn them off? First it's HGTV with all those real estate shows.  House after house after house.  How many kitchens can you look at?  Dorrie has to have a dose of that every nite.  I walk by the TV, grumble that it's on again, but what do I do?  I end up making comments like "Look at that family room!  You can't even fit a couch in that space!  That bathroom!  What an ugly color!  You tell me they're going to pick this house over the other one?"  Not over my dead body!"

After I find out what they pick, I then go upstairs , and what's playing up there?  Kate Plus 8, the last episode of the season. I can't bare even 10 minutes of this crap.  They're arguing over PIZZA!  8 slices, 8 kids.  Each one gets one, right?  No, because the bodyguard Steve wants a piece.  This is must see TV, don't you think? I think not, but I end up glued to the set over PIZZA.  Shouldn't I be watching-like maybe THE NEWS?  The National Geographic Channel?  Naah!  Grab the bag of nachos and let my brain atrophy some more!




Actually, looks like I'm not alone.  Anderson Cooper seemed to watch the same episode.  This was his take on it, from a recent AC 360 episode, via Gawker.com.  He didn't break out into an outright giggle this time, but you could certainly smell the sarcasm.

So not only did I waste an hour of my life watching the show, but now I 'm watching ANALYSIS of the show. And now I'm actually upset that they're canceling the show!

Am I alone here?  Are you being more and more sucked into these programs?  Which one has gotten you addicted?  Would love to know.