This is a classic!   Let's set the scene for you.  The year is 1994.  The show?  The Today Show.  The hosts? Bryant Gumbel and Kate Couric. The topic is violence

They put an address on the screen for viewers to write in with comments.  The address is  (don't try it now-I'm sure it doesn't work)..   But it confused the heck out of Bryant and Katie, who didn't even know what the @ sign was at the time!!!

Check this out...courtesy of

Do you believe that?   Actually, life was alot more simple back then, wasn't it?   Your address was your.....wait for it.... street address!  Nobody even cares where you live anymore.    As far as everyone knows,  we reside online. And a cellphone was used to.....wait again for it.....make a freekin' phone call!!! And Mark Zuckerberg's mother was breast feeding someone in a little hoodie!!!!!          Ohhhh, how far we've come....