This is the third straight year that University of Albany Men's Hoops Coach Will Brown has led the Great Danes to the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament.

And yet during a recent visit with ESPN College Hoops Analyst Andy Katz, our esteemed Commander In Chief has once again SNUBBED CINDERELLA as he has chosen the Oklahoma Sooners over our beloved Albany Great Danes.

Three years, three chances to pick the Great Danes....and NADA! I thought New York was a blue state?

Hey listen, being the leader of the free world is a tough job. Combine that with Mr. Obama's recent media tour on the "Jimmy Kimmel" show among others, and it might explain why he's overlooked our Great Danes and worse why he hasn't even called Kanye back.

Hey Obama's busy, I'll cut him some slack and besides, rumor has it that during his next visit here to Albany he's planning on stopping by WGNA to tape an episode of "Baking with Bethany."  I wonder what they'll bake up? Those easy bake ovens can create some magical treats. I'm not exactly sure who started that rumor, it might have been Bethany.  She looks happy...doesn't she?

So our Commander in Chief is taking the easy route here with his picks. I, for one, will not judge him nor will I follow suit.

I hope that you will join me and others as we cheer on our Great Danes tonight when they take on Oklahoma. To the University of Albany Men's and Women's College Basketball teams, you are making the Capital Region proud!