It is dangerous, and let's be honest a little rude. But is it illegal in New York to not clean off your vehicle after a winter storm?

I know your fist reaction: it should be! We have all been there. After a winter storm you are driving on 87 behind someone who did not clean the snow and ice off their ride and a huge chunk blows off and slams into your windshield. It's dangerous and scares the heck out of ya right? But is leaving that snow or ice on your vehicle illegal in the state of New York?

At this point, it is not illegal. While many other states have enacted laws for this and drivers can get fines and citations for not cleaning their vehicles, New York is not there yet. According to, legislation has been in the works for such a law. If you visit the New York Senate website, not much has happened recently with this law.

Regardless of it being illegal or not, cleaning all the snow and ice off your car is just a common courtesy to other drivers out there. So don;t be rude, git 'er done!