Well, here's what I have for tomorrow's show--a little ditty about the dreaded--I mean, much anticipated..NY Tax Cap.  But I only have the words... here's what I have so far.  (And I'll be singin' the song tomorrow morning between 8:30am-8:45am BTW

It goes to a very old country song.  This might just show your age if you know it.  It's called the "Yellow Rose Of Texas".  I'm sure you can find it online somewhere if you want to hear the tune.  You know---........."The Yellow Rose of Texas is the Only Rose For Me".

                              Here's what I've got thus far:

Update:  Here's the finished parody that you can lip sync to

Well NYers need a tax cap

it’s hard to disagree

it surely aint the time of year

for living on the  street..

(You and ) I don’t own our  house no more

..The house owns you and me

and the govnr knows a tax cap

will help us financially.....   spoken: (yea ,right) 

(second verse)

The cap is no brainer to help out our whole  State

('cept) for our lovely children, to whom we  educate

Just triple up the class size

For each school in NY

(and) for teachers who still have a job

make them spring for chalk!

(another verse, different from the first)

 For balancing the budget, what a real good place to start!

(Who) needs the music program, and who needs sports and art?

And as far as teaching writing skills

(it's) important, yes that's true

(but if) the school runs out of paper

make  teachers buy that too! 

(final verse--with feeling!!!)

Good old Danny Donahue

his opinion is quite strong

he’s warning newby Andy

"....Don’t Do The Job Wrong"

Old Danny says "you really think that this will do the trick?"

"Just wait  til roads need fixin'

and God forbid you're sick!!"

The Legislature's barking loud

(but it) barks up the wrong tree

you’re trying to change a system

that we’ve had eternally

Noone who is breathing enjoys to pay more tax

But how bout an alternative

before....... you ......swing...... the........ ax!  (chop chop)