I'm just not sure this is either brilliant and will make a million dollars, or it's just the silliest thing I've ever seen. I will let you be the judge. I do know that the world might be a little nicer with a few more hugs in it.

Image: YouTube

There is an artist and engineer at MIT Media Lab that developed a vest that can actually hug you when someone likes something on your Facebook page. I have heard of similar things being developed for the internet and long distance social interaction. I remember hearing about a hand that could mimic a handshake from the other side of the world, that might be good for closing an international business deal, and I remember a Japanese scientist coming up with a "kissing machine".

What scares me is what they are going to come up with for the "poke"!

Take a look at the video Milissa Chow, the creator made for the "Like-A-Hug".