So I DJ'ed a wedding recently at the gorgeous Altamont Manor.   The couple in question was probably the nicest I've worked for in a very long time, and something happened at this function that will have to qualify as a FIRST.  Let me "splain" to you - 

First and foremost, congrats to Kim and Christopher Mullin.  What a great couple, and a really nice family and group of friends to boot.  This event took place, by the way, at one of my favorite spots to perform the Altamont Manor. (no, he's not reimursing me for this - I just think it's a fantastic, unique place to have a wedding.  It's not a factory like some of the big hotels that you may have been to.

In fact, uou can actually get married right outside on the manicured property and then go inside for the reception - and the owners, Donna and Harvey will photograph the event to boot!

photo by Harvey Vlahos
photo by Harvey Vlahos

But I digress.  There were a couple of "firsts" at this wedding.   Chris'  young sons did an amazing impersonation of Michael Jackson's dance moves.  I got a very big kick out of that.

But equally amazing was the very quick conversation that I had with one of the bridesmaids.  She approached my DJ table and asked (very politely) - "Are you going to play alot of country music tonite?"  This is a question that I always have been ready to get a little bit defensive about".  I usually respond (politely)  by saying "NO, absolutely not!  I play all kinds of music".

So that's the way I answered this time as well.   Her response?  "Oh, damn it!   I LOVE country!  I listen to your station all the time!

That is definitely a first -someone wanting an entire evening of country without requiring line dancing.   I have also noticed that when I slipped in some fast country songs during the course of the evening, people didn't make a mass exodus for their seats.  They just continued to "boogie" on the floor as if it were just another song (which is the way it SHOULD be.  It IS just another song.  Why should people treat fast country songs any differently??)

It was great to get that comment, finally!   I think the expectation that you have to learn line dancing in order to qualify to stay on the dance floor is changing quickly, and I'm glad to see it.  Maybe our genre has FINALLY gone totally mainstream.    Yeeha!!

Congrats to the Mullins and to the Altamont Manor as well for one of the nicest weddings I've been a part of in a very long time.   Here's one last shot !

Harvey Vlahos