Recently our great friends ( who may want to remain nameless, so I will play it safe) invited two other couples and us to their Clifton Park, NY home (whoops--TMI!!)  for dinner to celebrate Dorrie's belated birthday (I would tell you how old she is, but I'll play that safe too!). I won't give you ALL the details here-- 'cept for one. On each plate was a PRINTED menu!  Check the menu to see what they prepared for us!!!

It was incredible!  I actually felt compelled to leave a tip!

It's something we won't forget, to be sure.

It sure sends a strong signal when people go the extra mile like that.  Try it sometime if you haven't already, and watch the expressions of the people you invite over!  I almost needed smelling salts ( but that wasn't on the menu)!!!

Sorry to sound like Martha Stewart here, and maybe you had to be there to get the significance of this, but it certainly was a blogworthy event!

If someone did something like this for you, let me know and I'll read it on the air!  Leave a comment or send to