Saturday night at Proctors proved to be a great one, with fantastic performances from Craig Campbell, Darryl Worley, Joe Nichols, and our great listeners in the audience.

We could see some of the audience members dancing and having a good time. Backstage was a lot of fun too. Now don't get me wrong, we have business to take care of. But with the crew that we had, Sean, Richie, Jeff Levack, Casey, Jake, Scott and myself (yeah-pretty much the whole air staff), we have our own set of "personalities". (Some of the greatest people to work with, and knowing how to make things fun). All 3 stars had their own personalities - not a bad thing. Pretty much all the country singers are down to earth and really nice people. Craig, Darryl and Joe are no exception. By the way, Joe Nichols mentioned that when he gets back to Nashville, he'll tell his friends about how us New Yorkers are a little bit tougher, since we have 3 feet of snow on the ground and we keep going as opposed to them who stop everything with only a few inches of snow. Darryl tried a few things to get Joe to laugh while he was singing.

Then comes our turn to go on stage and do some emcee stuff. Jeff and I are waiting in the wings for Darryl to finish his last song. This guy in a sweat shirt and baseball cap comes over and starts talking to Jeff. I introduce myself and ask him who he is. "Hi-I'm Craig Campbell". I met Craig just before he went on stage, so I felt like an idiot. But in my defense, he wasn't in his cowboy hat and garb that he wore on stage. I apologized. We had a laugh about it and joked about how bad we both were bad with names of people. Faces we remember, but a name is another story. After that, he came on stage with Jeff and myself. It was a night (and singer) I'll never forget. (Craig who?-Just kidding)